September 2, 2010

Summer Happenings

Here are some pictures from our "Staycation" with the Virginia clan. Cindy from Stansberry Photography took some beautiful pictures of everyone while we were there. Thanks Cindy! Here's just a few of my favorites.

Trying It Again

Ok, so I've decided to try again with this blog thing. I'm not much of a facebooker (sorry Jenny) or "Tweeter" (if that's what you call it) and I don't do a very good job at sending emails with updated photos of the girls, so this is about the only thing I can think of that's left. I know that I go out and look at other people's blogs alot, so maybe that will help keep me motivated to post more often than I have in the past. Some days it may just be a passing thought that I blog about or it may be pictures..who knows.

April 5, 2009

When it Rains, It Pours.....

Literally! It has been raining almost constantly for a week and a half, so when we finally got a break in the weather Malinda, Brooke, and I loaded up the kids and went to the beach. The girls had a lot of fun playing in the water and chasing sea gulls. On Saturday Ben, Addie, Emory and I went down to the Stadium to watch FSU's Spring game. They had lots of stuff for the kids and Addie got her face painted. Here are some pictures from the beach as well as a few of us in the car after the game.

April 2, 2009

We're baaaacccckkkk

Seems we've been on a bit of a hiatus these past few months. I'm consistent with the blog for a few weeks then drop off for a few days, which then turn into weeks, and then months. Sorry, I'll try to do better. So without further are Addie and Emory!

December 12, 2008

Pictures Around the House

Here are a few pictures that we've taken over the last month or so. Emory is such a little scavenger! The pictures of her on the deck were taken one night while Bailey was over visiting. Addie and Bailey had cupcakes for dessert, and I guess Miss Emory was jealous. After Addie ate the icing off her cupcake (which is usually the only part she eats) Emory came over and stole the bottom half. Before Malinda and I realized what she was doing, she had half the cupcake stuffed in her mouth. She obviously is the opposite of her picky sister who refuses to eat anything! As you can see from her picture at the table, no one is going to force Addie to eat something that she doesn't want too. I said I would never make my children eat things if they didn't like them or make them sit at the table until they tried something. My frustrating attempt to get Addie to try a green bean proved that even if I thought I could wait her out, I was badly mistaken.